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The time has come for Virtual Reality and we are going to make sure it has a place in your life.

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Who are we?

About Us

We are the pioneers of virtual reality video shooting in India. We want to bring the medium to as many people and industries as we can.

our History

Our History

VR Studios is one of the Virtual Reality off-shoots of Cerebroid Media, a Bangalore based Media Company. Cerebroid has established its presence in the E-learning content and localization space for over 5 Years. Once we felt that the time was ripe for the introduction of VR Content in India, we started various stealth-mode VR and AR research projects. VR Studios is the product of our research into Virtual Reality Film Making.

Our Vision

Our Vision

VR Studios wants to use cutting edge technology to help people experience and see things in ways they could have imagined before. We can help you travel the world without ever leaving the comfort of your sofa. Businesses can showcase their products and facilities to people in any corner of the world at a moments notice in the most realistic manner possible. Welcome to the future.

VRstudios.in - Showreel 2017